Advantages of Siwertell bulk handling systems

When you first see a Siwertell unloader in action, you might think that nothing much is happening; until you notice that smoothly and almost silently, the cargo in the hold is disappearing.

An excellent investment

At a glance you understand the environmental and safety benefits of our clean, totally-enclosed approach to dry bulk handling, which is in complete contrast to the noise, dust and dirt of traditional bulk cargo operations using grab cranes and bucket systems.

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Other advantages are not so obvious, but they are equally important. Siwertell machines have a reputation for reliability, low maintenance costs and a long service life. The total cost of ownership (TCO) for our machines is excellent and should be key consideration when making any investment.

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Environment & Safety

We recognize that no two ports are the same and that every operator has its own particular needs. This is why, with the exception of our road-mobile units, all our installations are tailor-made to suit each customer’s unique requirements, ensuring outstanding performance and efficiency.

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