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Siwertell: a global leader in intelligent bulk handling solutions

Siwertell is a world-leading supplier of ship unloaders, road-mobile ship unloaders, ship loaders, mechanical and pneumatic conveying systems and bulk terminal solutions. All Siwertell solutions are created to ensure environment-friendly, efficient dry bulk handling operations. Our products are designed, marketed and sold from our facility in Sweden, and Siwertell is part of Cargotec that has its base in Finland. 

Experts at what we do

Our employees are true experts in dry bulk handling, many of which have dedicated decades of their working years at Siwertell. Together we are a strong team of passionate engineers and other expertise alike in the company. Virtually any dry bulk material can be handled by Siwertell systems and we continuously engage in developing new product features to comply with the constantly changing market needs. 

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Original innovators of screw conveyor technology

The success of Siwertell screw conveyor technology is based on our unique, patented inlet feeder, designed and developed by the two Swedish inventors, Olle Siwersson and Gunnar Tell, who combined their surnames to give our brand its famous name. The screw's potential for ship unloading applications was recognized in 1974 when the Siwertell ship unloader was born, along with the company AB Siwertell. The first Siwertell ship unloader was sold that same year to a dutch company, and since then hundreds of import and export terminals have employed Siwertell bulk handling solutions in ports worldwide. Read more >>

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